Faye Rubin

Director of the GRANIT System

Fay Rubin has served as Director of the GRANIT System, the NH statewide geographic information system, since its inception in the mid 1980’s.    In that capacity, she has overseen a variety of data development, system implementation, and application projects addressing planning and resource management issues at the state, regional and local levels.   Since 2010, she has served as Project Director of the NH Broadband Mapping & Planning Program, a comprehensive, multi-partner effort to understand where broadband is available in NH and to plan for expanded deployment, adoption, and utilization.   She has overall responsibility for project planning, management, and reporting.   


Fay also manages the University of New Hampshire’s Cooperating Technical Partnership with FEMA, and under that program is active in various floodplain mapping, risk management, and hazard mitigation initiatives in the state.     

In addition, she has ongoing geospatial projects with the NH Departments of Environmental Services, Fish & Game, Resources and Economic Development, and Transportation, and with the NH Office of Energy & Planning. 

Fay has a BA and MA in Economics from the University of New Hampshire