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    Providing the knowledge to achieve ubiquitous, affordable broadband


The UNH Broadband Center of Excellence has a mission goal of providing educational materials on broadband technologies.  These materials will exist in a variety of modes, but are expected to include the following:

  • Workshops — UNH BCoE staff and researchers are available for local and remote workshops on broadband technology training and ways to bring broadband to local communities.

  • Conferences — UNH BCoE is planning a series of conferences focused on emerging broadband technologies and ways to bring those technologies to the community.

  • Certificates and Cognates — Working with the UNH Graduate School, UNH BCoE is developing courseware and a series of broadband-focused academic courses to augment existing major courses of study (cognates) and post-Baccalaureate programs (certificates).

As always, UNH BCoE staff and researchers are available to be guest speakers or keynotes for other conferences and programs anywhere in NH, the US and around the globe.