Capacity Building

Capacity Building

The New Hampshire Broadband Mapping and Planning Program (NHBMPP) is a comprehensive program that seeks to understand where broadband is currently available in NH, how it can be made more widely available in the future, and how to encourage increased levels of broadband adoption and usage.

Capacity Building objectives include:

NH Town
  • Work with the NH Director of Broadband Technology, Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) and their respective Broadband Stakeholder Groups (BSGs), the NH Telecommunications Planning and Development Advisory Committee (TAB), and others, to identify broadband deployment and adoption barriers and potential solutions.
  • Monitor state legislation pertinent to broadband access, affordability and use, and provide information to study committees.
  • Research funding options/solutions for communities to expand broadband access in rural areas.
  • Develop a “NH Broadband Solutions and Funding Toolkit” to help communities with broadband planning and decision making.
  • Work with the NH Director of Broadband Technology, Capacity Building and Technical Assistance and Training Team members, to form a “Resource Team” to assist communities in assessing their readiness to begin implementation of their broadband plans.
  • Schedule and train “Resource Team” members in facilitation skills necessary for conducting successful meetings/charrettes.
  • Work with the Resource Team Coordinator and team members to identify communities “ready” to initiate their broadband plans and provide assistance with community broadband decision making.
  • Work with the NHBMPP Communications Team to enhance resources available on the web and in print.
  • Work with the NHBMPP’s Broadband Conference Planning Team to plan, coordinate, and execute a successful statewide conference.


NH Broadband mapping & Planning Program

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