Broadband's vital to N.H. infrastructure, report says

Broadband's vital to N.H. infrastructure, report says

Strategic Plan carves out important role for high-bandwidth communications.

High-bandwidth, high-speed communication is among key infrastructure goals for New Hampshire’s economic progress, according to the comprehensive Strategic Plan for New Hampshire released by the Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire.

Download the Strategic Plan for New Hampshire.

The report recommends these steps for helping to broadly deploy broadband communications services throughout New Hampshire:

  • Review current telecommunications studies and adopt the recommendations that show clear economic benefit and cost-effectiveness.
  • Explore offering tax incentives for investment in rural telecommunications infrastructure to eliminate disparities among regions.
  • Pursue federal funding to improve telecommunications infrastructure to maximize dollars invested.
  • Pursue private financial incentives for telecommunications infrastructure improvement to maximize dollars invested.
  • Monitor new developments in wireless and mobile technology and where appropriate encourage the use and proliferation of new cost-effective technologies to attract and retain businesses and workers.

Broadband is addressed along with multi-modal transportation and improved water and storm systems as an important contributor to New Hampshire’s economic health.  

The Strategic Plan reflects the thinking and contributions of nine stakeholder groups comprised of nearly 200 business leaders, policy experts and others who met  for a series of meetings focused on a variety of issue areas.