Yin Germaschewski

Excellence in Teaching, 2022

Yin Germanschewski

Yin Germaschewski, recently tenured as an associate professor, aims to show students “the fundamental beauty of economic theory.”

Germaschewski is continuously developing her teaching practice, from participating in the Faculty Instructional Technology Summer Institute during her early years at UNH to listening carefully to her students’ experiences to help her improve her courses.

At the end of the 2020 spring semester, when all classes went online, one of her students in the Principles of Economics course said she was “the best professor at UNH. She had a drive and passion for her students and was extremely knowledgeable in the macroeconomic field. She continued to be the best prepared and most communicative of all my professors during the COVID-19 online classes.”

More recently, one of her students wrote, “I loved how her class isn’t very lecture heavy and it focuses on practice, practice, practice” to ensure that students understand and can apply the principles being discussed.

Another wrote that Germaschewski “helped me learn a challenging topic pretty easily.”

“Professor G,” as she is known, has demonstrated teaching excellence in large, required Discovery courses on the principles of economics, as well as in advanced elective and graduate courses.

One of her graduate students expressed that her class structure, combining interactive lectures with in-class problems and group projects, “is one of the most effective that I have experienced this year.”

Germaschewski generously shares her passion for teaching by mentoring doctoral candidates, who also are teaching principles courses, and she shares her research expertise through advising honors theses and serving on dissertation committees.

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