Andrew Earle
Excellence in Teaching, 2021

Professor Andrew Earle is recognized as an innovative, engaged, and deeply committed teacher—at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Imagine analyzing the strategies of technology companies in class, only to have a finance director at Microsoft pop into the discussion. Or zooming with a supply chain manager at a factory in China after a lesson on supply chain sustainability. These are the kinds of real-world connections Professor Earle prides himself on integrating into his classes.

Professor Earle, who teaches strategy and entrepreneurial management and serves as the faculty director of the UNH Holloway Prize Competition, notes that he encourages students to “think bigger, be innovative, challenge themselves, and take calculated risks.” Drawing on what he valued from his own faculty as an undergraduate student, he reaches out to any student who is struggling, saying he sees a bit of himself in them. At the same time, he also goes the extra mile with the students who are deeply engaged in his class by sharing podcasts and book recommendations to “try to stoke the fire” that drives them.

One of his students wrote that, “Professor Earle is one of the best professors at UNH. He really cares about his students and is passionate about the course content being taught. His mindset of making sure his students leave the class with knowledge rather than a letter grade is exactly why he is a successful professor.”

Professor Earle is equally lauded by his colleagues. His department chair Professor Peter Lane says “Andrew is a highly skilled and inspiring teacher who consistently brings intelligence, enthusiasm, and caring to the classroom. He continually works at improving his teaching and course designs to provide our students with exceptional educational experiences. Andrew is the type of teacher that makes a student’s time at Paul College special and valuable.”

We are very fortunate to have Andrew Earle on our faculty and we look forward to seeing his continuing success.

About This Award

Each year, the University selects a small number of its outstanding faculty for special recognition of their achievements in teaching, scholarship, and service. Awards for Excellence in Teaching are given in each college and school, and University-wide awards recognize public service, research, teaching, and engagement.