Todd A. DeMitchell

Todd DeMitchell
Graduate Faculty Mentor Award, 2020

Professor DeMitchell joined the Department of Education faculty in 1990 as an assistant professor, was promoted to associate professor in 1996, and then promoted to full professor in 2002. He now holds the distinguished rank as John & H. Irene Peters Professor of Education, as well as Professor & Coordinator of Graduate Studies in the Justice Studies Program. Professor DeMitchell primarily teaches educational leadership in K-higher educational settings, and his areas of expertise include law and labor in schools and colleges. Of particular interest to him are the impact of court cases and other legal mechanisms on schools, school liability and adequate supervision.

In addition to his research in these areas, Professor DeMitchell has two decades of experience in K-12 as a teacher, principal and superintendent, and has published over 170 articles, chapters, and commentaries. Given his broad range of expertise, Professor DeMitchell’s courses are sought after by K-12 educators, school and university administrators, as well as doctoral students. In fact, just about every school administrator in New Hampshire has taken a course or worked with Todd DeMitchell.   

At UNH, Professor DeMitchell has a long and distinguished history as a mentor and scholar. His leadership in the Department of Education and beyond is widely considered by faculty and students as exemplary. Even a cursory reading of his C.V. makes evident the range of collaborative research he has been engaged in across the department and the university, all of which attests to the high regard graduate students and young faculty have for his capacity to offer consultation, generative feedback, support, and guidance.

During his 30 years at UNH, Professor DeMitchell has advised more than 80 masters and doctoral students. A recipient of the UNH Distinguished Professor Award, he has worked extensively and tirelessly in graduate education to provide exemplary service to students. In addition to his professor role, he has served as co-chair of the Advancing Academic Leaders leadership development program, as well as chair of the Faculty Senate.

Part of what makes Professor DeMitchell such a unique faculty member is his deep commitment to practicing the ethics he studies and teaches. This is evidenced most clearly in his collaborations with graduate students, as well as in his efforts to maintain professional relationships with them after graduation. He treats his doctoral candidates with respect and conveys a sincere interest in their success. A consistent comment from his graduate advisees includes a “compassionate yet firm” approach to encourage his students to refine their skills and produce quality work. Even more, Professor DeMitchell has a reputation for giving generously of his time to both his formal advisees and to many graduate students seeking advice about research in educational leadership. He is known in the graduate student community as a reliable, generous, astute faculty member who is dedicated to justice, ethics, the law and education.

Professor DeMitchell is an outstanding mentor and role model. His students and colleagues recognize and admire him for his passion for research, as well as the extensive support and valuable feedback he provides both inside and outside of the classroom. Dr. DeMitchell’s presence has had lasting results, as almost all of his graduate students are currently employed in fields related to their degrees. He continues to collaborate with his graduated students, an effort which illustrates his dedication to lifelong learning.

We join Dr. DeMitchell’s students and colleagues in recognizing his years of service to both his students and the University as a whole. We are very pleased to acknowledge Professor DeMitchell’s accomplishments as a Graduate Faculty Mentor for 2020. As is tradition, the actual award will be presented in the fall with the rest of the university wide faculty awards.

Please join me in congratulating Professor DeMitchell for this great achievement.

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The Graduate Faculty Mentor award is designed to honor a faculty member whose commitment to excellence in graduate student training has contributed significantly to graduate students’ professional development. Forms only accepted during application period.

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