Excellence in Teaching, 2018

Jing Wang

Dr. Jing Wang represents everything we admire in an exceptional faculty member.  Not only is she an outstanding teacher known for her dedication to her students’ success, but she is also a very accomplished researcher and a valued colleague who is respected for her contributions to service.  

Dr. Wang teaches information systems and database management.  As a demonstration of her teaching agility, she has exceled in teaching across a wide spectrum of challenging courses including required undergraduate and MBA courses in both online and face-to-face formats.  

Dr. Wang teaches in a field that is continuously and rapidly evolving.  She is disciplined about engaging with industry, staying on top of trends and adapting her courses to ensure that they remain current and relevant.  

Dr. Wang is admired by faculty and students alike for the academic rigor ofher courses and the high standards to which she holds her students.  At the same time, she is also widely appreciated for the personal attention and support that she gives her students, both in their course work and in their preparation for internships and jobs upon graduation.

One of Dr. Wang’s students summarized beautifully what makes her an outstanding professor.  “She leads by example. She expands her already large heart for students. She actively keeps her curriculum relevant by seeking information from local companies and alumni. She encourages [student] feedback about her teaching. She pushes her students and she puts the responsibility back on students by encouraging us to take ownership of our learning and development. I cannot express the gratitude I feel towards Professor Wang. It is professors like her that made going to UNH so valuable.”

I concur.  We are very fortunate to have Dr. Jing Wang on our faculty and it is my honor to recognize her for this excellence in teaching award.  

About This Award

Each year, the University selects a small number of its outstanding faculty for special recognition of their achievements in teaching, scholarship, and service. Awards for Excellence in Teaching are given in each college and school, and University-wide awards recognize public service, research, teaching, and engagement.