David Richman

Excellence in Teaching, 2018

David Richman

In recognition of Dr. David Richman’s extraordinary record as an educator whose 26 years at UNH have enlightened and inspired students and fellow faculty alike, the university proudly awards him the 2018 Jean Brierley Award for Excellence in Teaching.

The impact of Dr. Richman’s insight, knowledge and intellect has been felt across multiple departments and programs including theatre and dance, women’s studies and humanities. It has also been felt as across campus in service to the Faculty Senate, the AAUP and the countless university and COLA committees he has either led or been a member of.

As was frequently stated in the many letters that supported Dr. Richman’s nomination for the Brierley Award, there was never a class where David’s preparation and passion for the subject matter was not evident. Where his own incurable curiosity and desire to understand more would lead to a collaborative journey of thought and reflection between teacher and student.

His capacity to be a truly remarkable teacher is rooted in the fact that he has never stopped wanting to learn and create. This could not be more evident than the recent success of Lives of Tiresias, his first venture as a playwright, in which he also performed the title role in its New York City premiere.

Above all, this award recognizes what so many students have who have had the great fortune to engage with him in the classroom, be directed by him in a theatre production,or actually shared the stage with him as a fellow actor, have unequivocally stated in some way: He has changed and enhanced our lives. We are better because of the time we have spent with him. 

About This Award

Each year, the University selects a small number of its outstanding faculty for special recognition of their achievements in teaching, scholarship, and service. Awards for Excellence in Teaching are given in each college and school, and University-wide awards recognize public service, research, teaching, and engagement.