Outstanding Faculty Award - Assistant Professor, 2018

David Eshan

Assistant Professor Eshan Dave exemplifies the ideal university faculty member. His professional record with respect to teaching, research, and service speaks for itself, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Dr. Dave invests a significant amount of his time and energy in all the students he advises and develops an excellent rapport with them. They value his feedback, input, and opinions, and often seek out his advice. He inspires and challenges them in new areas. The result is that he is publishing or has published peer reviewed conference and journal papers with almost all of the students working with him, at both the undergraduate and graduate level. He brings energy and enthusiasm to the classroom that is infectious. He sets high expectations for students and supports their development, and they respond.

Dr. Dave also is an exceptional team member working with various colleagues in the department, nationally, and internationally on high impact research projects that are recognized and regularly cited by his peers.He is actively engaged in several professional organizations, dedicating his time to the advancement of the pavement and transportation materials area locally, nationally and internationally.

About This Award

The ideal university faculty member is someone whose accomplishments in the areas of teaching, research, and service are prodigious and of the highest quality. He or she is an inspiring, challenging, and effective teacher, whose concern and respect for students is evident both in and out of the classroom. Such a faculty member makes important and extensive contributions to his or her chosen field, and shares those contributions with peers through publication or other appropriate means. Finally, the ideal faculty member willingly and effectively devotes time and energy in useful service to the university, the profession, and the state. The recipients of these awards are those members of the university faculty who, in recent years, have demonstrated these qualities. Each year, two Outstanding Faculty Awards will be given, one each for an assistant and an associate professor. All UNH tenure track faculty members at those ranks are eligible.