Linda Noon with VPFA Chris Clement
Presidential Award of Excellence, 2016

Senior Academic Student/Support Assistant

Some of you know that prior to returning to the Department of Recreation Management and Policy, the program from which she graduated and for which she worked in the 1990s, Linda Noon sailed around the world with her husband John. I relay this because during that period, I imagine she had many opportunities to look into the night sky and rest her eyes on Polaris—the North Star.

What I love about this imagined scenario is that it squares precisely with how Linda has come to be seen in RMP and the College of Health and Human Services, and that is as a lodestar—the person who shines light wherever she goes and whatever challenges she undertakes.

So how does Linda’s light manifest?

For the RMP department and faculty, it is through her celebrated organizational skills, grace in keeping multiple demanding projects moving forward, and dogged commitment to modernizing departmental systems through the introduction of new technology. Even in her previous role at UNH, the spark was there—the internship program Linda developed for RMP in the ’90s still stands as one of the most rigorous and respected in the country.

I have not met anyone at UNH who is more dedicated, and performs their job responsibilities at a higher level than Linda Noon,” says one colleague.

“Within the RMP department, we call her the ‘glue that holds the department together’,” notes another.

In her work and interactions with students, for whom she represents the face of the department, Linda’s light shines just as brightly. Whether she is skillfully walking them through the RMP major options or simply taking a moment to check in, Linda’s exuberance for our scholars is palpable, as is their fondness for her.

As one non-traditional RMP student explains: “Linda has always been willing at a moment’s notice to help me figure out how to make the seemingly impossible, possible.”

Linda, thank you for serving as RMP’s “true north,” and in so doing taking the UNH brand to new heights.


About This Award

All members of the university community, including leadership, supervisors & managers, peers, colleagues and students may nominate any qualified staff member by completing the Presidential Award of Excellence nomination form online or by requesting a paper application from Human Resources and forwarding it to the Presidential Award of Excellence Peer Review Committee, c/o Human Resources, Nesmith Hall each year by the deadline.