Jillian Ketchen with VPFA Chris Clement
Presidential Award of Excellence, 2016

Administrative Assistant II

Picture, if you will, a bicycle wheel. The component parts of that wheel, as we know, include the spokes, the hub, the rim, the tire, and the valve. For the wheel to do its job smoothly and efficiently, all of these component parts need to be in place and working properly, right? All are important and necessary. However, there is one that is essential, as it is at the very heart of the wheel and serves as the central support mechanism for all of the others. That is the hub.

The “hub” at the Hillsborough County Cooperative Extension office goes by the name of Jillian Ketchen.

Since joining Extension in 2013, Jill has channeled her significant energy and talents into spotlighting the people and resources of Hillsborough County. This she has done expertly and with a particular knack for building up her colleagues along the way.

Jill’s contributions to the county office and to New Hampshire’s greater Extension network are nowhere more in evidence than in the marketing efforts she has implemented using new digital media. From transforming text-heavy reports into visually engaging, user-friendly documents, to live-Tweeting at Extension events, Jill is creatively and dynamically elevating Cooperative Extension’s work and visibility.

What’s more, she is eagerly proselytizing her colleagues! Through a weekly lunch series she founded last fall, Jill is introducing her co-workers to programs, applications, ideas, and theories that have the potential to change how they work and how Cooperative Extension operates in Hillsborough County and beyond.

Just listen to what these fellow staff members have to say:  “She is a breath of fresh air . . . thoughtful, creative, and genius.”  “She exemplifies . . . the cutting-edge representation that UNHCE is striving for.”  “Anyone who attends her trainings leaves with a sense of why branding is so important and, better, how they will start using new skills to promote UNH.” 

Jill—we are so grateful for your wheelhouse.

About This Award

All members of the university community, including leadership, supervisors & managers, peers, colleagues and students may nominate any qualified staff member by completing the Presidential Award of Excellence nomination form online or by requesting a paper application from Human Resources and forwarding it to the Presidential Award of Excellence Peer Review Committee, c/o Human Resources, Nesmith Hall each year by the deadline.