Monique Couillard

Monique Couillard in Dimond Library
Presidential Award of Excellence, 2014

Collections and Access Services, Dimond Library
When a researcher finds the latest issue of a highly-specialized, but perhaps little-known, scholarly journal at Dimond Library, there’s a good chance that Monique Couillard helped make sure it was there. With her talents for managing projects, working with vendors and stretching every dollar, Monique is part of a dedicated team that ensures the library has the materials it needs, when it needs them and at a good price.

Let me share a few examples: When she was asked to track down subscriptions that UNH had paid for but not received, Monique made 477 claims for undelivered journals in just 9 months. And in 2013 alone, she updated 434 subscription renewals from print to online.

With her remarkable knack for creating spreadsheets, Monique continues to streamline the library’s major records and acquisitions systems.

Monique is also known for her compassion, enthusiasm and willingness to go beyond expectations for her colleagues. During her 27 years of library service, she has received the Vincent Award twice, an honor given to those who dedicate themselves to making the library a better place for all.

Monique is also devoted to supporting the more than 700 operating staff members at UNH. And I say that from personal experience, because Monique is an outstanding advocate-in-chief to the President’s Office as the chair of the OS Council.

Since joining the council in 2008, Monique has demonstrated her deep, personal commitment to OS members. Many of you may also recognize her as the coordinator of the OS table at the annual UNH Benefits Fair. Or, perhaps you recall her work with Healthy UNH and TandemCare to bring Exeter Hospital’s mobile mammogram van to campus.  In these and so many other ways, Monique honors UNH and makes our community stronger. 

About This Award

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