Excellence in Teaching, 2014

professor kent chamberlin

Recognizing the depth of his knowledge, the clarity of his presentations, and his overall dedication to the teaching profession, Chamberlin's students have rewarded him over the years with excellent teaching scores and appreciative comments.

One student wrote, "Excellent course, really helped cement the connection between theory & application, and did it in an extremely hands-on manner."

Another commented, "[He is] my favorite professor because he puts in the extra effort to be available outside of class and make[s] sure students get the material. I am impressed that I understand such a tough class because of him."

Enduring evidence of Chamberlin's enthusiasm for teaching is not found in the number of courses he has taught from freshman to the advanced doctoral level, or the excellent scores from student evaluations, but rather from his overall commitment to the improvement of pedagogical methods. Chamberlin was a pioneer in distance education or what was rebranded as "online education."

By: Samuel B. Mukasa, Dean, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

About This Award

Each year, the University selects a small number of its outstanding faculty for special recognition of their achievements in teaching, scholarship, and service. Awards for Excellence in Teaching are given in each college and school, and University-wide awards recognize public service, research, teaching, and engagement.