Lieutenant Colonel Louis J. Kochanek graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1952.  He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work and an ROTC commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Army.  Lt Col Kochanek also holds a Master of Arts Degree in International Affairs that he received from George Washington University in 1967.  In addition, he attended different institutions for language studies and is fluent in German, Polish, and Russian.

     For the first twelve years of his military career, Lt Col Kochanek served varied command and staff assignments with the 508th Airborne Regimental Combat Team, 40th Infantry Division, 7th Infantry Division, 25th Infantry Division, V Corps, and the Counterinsurgency Department.  From 1967-1968, he served as Senior Advisor to the Government of South Vietnam Military Security Service, 525th Military Intelligence Group, Vietnam.  Following that assignment, he was selected as the Army Attaché at the US Embassy in Austria.  Lt Col Kochanek successfully represented our country there for three years.  Upon returning to the states, he served as a member of the Graduate Research Facility at the US Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, KS.  He retired from active duty in 1975.

     Following his retirement from active duty, Louis Kochanek worked for two years as an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at Park College, then joined the Foreign Service.  He served from 1977-1984 in various roles as an officer at American Embassies in Warsaw, Sofia, and Nassau.  Following those assignments, Louis Kochanek was selected to be the Deputy Chief, Civilian Observer Unit, Multinational Force and Observers in Sinai, Egypt. Two years later he became the Administrative Officer and Security Officer at the Headquarters of the Multinational Force and Observers in Rome.  From 1987-1990, he served as Post Management Officer, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs in Washington, DC.  After attending Russian Language School, Louis Kochanek was assigned for two years at the American Embassy in Moscow.  Later, he became the Chief of the Diplomatic Security Branch at the Bureau of Personnel in Washington.  He also served in 1995 as the Chief Administrative Officer for the International Conference on the Former Yugoslavia.  After years of outstanding service in many different countries, Louis Kochanek retired from the Foreign Service in 1996. 

     Although even after his second retirement, he was recalled to serve our country from 2004 through 2006 in various roles at the US Embassies in Lithuania, the Ukraine, and Ankara.  In retirement, Louis Kochanek has also worked as a Senior Technical Subject Matter Specialist to monitor State Department-funded programs that admit and settle refugees in the United States.  In addition, he worked on a project regarding a joint venture with Russia’s MINATOM to store the world’s spent nuclear fuel.  He has also written studies for a Washington company on investment risks in Qatar and Brunei, and conducted much research on wind turbine technology for a Michigan based company.

     For outstanding service to the United States Army and Foreign Service, Lieutenant Colonel Louis J. Kochanek is inducted into the ROTC Hall of Fame.