Colonel Louis L. Frank graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1939.  He participated in the ROTC program, earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering, and received his Regular commission in the United States Marine Corps.  Later, he received a Master’s Degree in Engineering Administration from George Washington University.


Colonel Frank’s early assignments were at Parris Island, Basic School in Philadelphia; and then Naval Air Stations in Pensacola, Miami, and San Diego.  These assignments trained and prepared him to be a Marine officer and pilot.  After a year of intense flight training, he was awarded his pilot wings.  He received this aeronautical rating before Pearl Harbor and was initially assigned to a flying unit in the Pacific.


Colonel Frank flew his first combat mission with less than 400 hours flight time.  After four months back in the United States, he was sent to Okinawa with his favorite airplane, the F-4U Corsair.  He was awarded the Air Medal and citation for meritorious achievement while taking part in general missions in the Solomon Islands area from January to August 1943.  After World War II, he took his Air Group to China for 14 months.  Later, he flew with a jet group in Korea for 14 months.  In all, he served as a pilot in three combat tours, two in World War II and one in Korea.


Following the war efforts, Colonel Frank served as Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2, at Cherry Point MCAS in North Carolina.  He also served as an instructor pilot at the Marine Naval Air Station at Newport, RI, where he flew many sorties to Washington, DC., and Cuba.  From 1955-1959, he headed the Guided Missile and Atomic Branch in the Strategic Plans Division, Office of Chief of Naval Operations.  He earned many combat decorations during his twenty years as a fighter pilot.  He logged 8,000 flying hours before his retirement from the Marine Corps.


After he retired from the military, Louis Frank worked with Sherman Adams and a small board of investors to design and develop the Loon Mountain ski area in 1966.  The mountain opened in 1967, and he served as Vice President until Sherman Adams died.  When Sam Adams took over for his father, Louis Frank became the Chairman of the Board of Directors until Loon Mountain was sold in the late 1990's.


For 17 years in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Louis Frank owned and operated Sprague and Carleton Furniture Company in Keene, NH.  His company made quality maple furniture and employed 165 people, providing jobs to many New Hampshire residents.


In the 1980’s, Louis Frank was one of the founders of an international petroleum company which is now listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and has holdings in Canada and South America.  He continues to be on the board of directors and is actively involved with the company.  He is not interested in retirement and continues to be active in business.

For devotion to duty as a pilot in the United States Marine Corps and officer supporting Naval Operations, Colonel Louis L. Frank is inducted into the ROTC Hall of Fame.