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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2008-2009

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture


Nutritional Sciences (NUTR)


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Professor: Gale B. Carey, Joanne Curran-Celentano, Anthony R. Tagliaferro
Associate Professor: Dennis J. Bobilya, Colette H. Janson-Sand
Clinical Assistant Professor: Joanne D. Burke, Ruth A. Reilly
Lecturer: Jesse Stabile Morrell
Extension Professor: Deborah Luppold, Catherine A. Violette

The science of nutrition is the study of nutrients in food and the body’s handling of these nutrients. As an applied science, nutrition is based on biochemistry and physiology but can also include anthropology, economics, genetics, microbiology, pathology, and zoology. Consequently, the nutritionist often cooperates with workers in many different fields. The nutrition program at UNH is designed to permit specialized study in human and/or animal nutrition.

Two curricula are offered to meet the educational needs of students with differing professional aspirations.

Basic Science Curriculum

This curriculum provides students with a solid science background in biology, chemistry, physiology, nutrition, biochemistry, and physics. Upon graduation, students are well-prepared for technically oriented jobs in science. This curriculum is also excellent preparation for students planning further education in graduate school or professional schools of medicine and dentistry. Students in this curriculum are required to complete the biology core curriculum and NUTR 400 and 750; ANSC 511/512 or ZOOL 507/508; MICR 503; BCHM 658/659; and 12 additional credits from recommended courses in nutrition.

Dietetics Curriculum

Approved by the American Dietetics Association (ADA), the dietetics curriculum prepares students to apply for a post-graduate dietetic internship. Completing this internship and passing the ADA examination are essential for becoming a registered dietitian (RD), requisite for employment opportunities in clinical dietetics and community nutrition. Required courses for this curriculum are NUTR 400, 401, 476, 504, 510, 550, 650, 720, 750, 773, 775, and 780; ZOOL 507/508; CHEM 403/404, and 545/546; ENGL 401; HMGT 403; MICR 501 or 503; BCHM 658/659; SOC 500 or PSYC 401; HMP 401; HMP 710; and either PSYC 402, SOC 502, BIOL 528, or HHS 540.

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