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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2008-2009

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture


Genetics Program (GEN)

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Professor: Thomas M. Davis, Clyde L. Denis, J. Brent Loy, Subhash C. Minocha, Robert L. Taylor Jr.
Associate Professor: John J. Collins, Estelle M. Hrabak, Anita S. Klein, W. Kelley Thomas, Louis S. Tisa
Assistant Professor: Vaughn Cooper, Cheryl A. Whistler
Research Assistant Professor: Kevin Culligan

There is no baccalaureate degree program in genetics. The genetics program offers master’s and Ph.D. degrees in genetics. Undergraduates interested in genetics can pursue their interests within the context of any of the following B.S. degree programs: biology, animal sciences, biochemistry, microbiology, plant biology, or zoology. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to minor in genetics. See for the genetics minor requirements. For course entries in genetics, see course descriptions at, under GEN, as well as relevant courses under the departments and programs listed above. Students interested in preparing for graduate work in genetics at UNH or elsewhere should contact the chairperson of the Genetics Program early in their undergraduate careers for advice on courses.

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