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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2008-2009

College of Life Sciences and Agriculture


Community and Environmental Planning (CD)


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Associate Professor: Kelly L. Cullen
Instructor: Mary Adamo Robertson

The community and environmental planning program prepares students for professional careers as local government administrators, town or regional land-use planners, and community facilitators and educators. It is an applied social science degree program that gives the student an understanding of the interrelated social, economic, political, environmental, and technical factors that influence a community and its residents. The curriculum takes an interdisciplinary approach and includes field experience and internships as vital components that complement classroom and independent research.

Students majoring in community and environmental planning are encouraged to concentrate in one of three areas: 1) community change and development, 2) community public administration, and 3) community and regional planning. These areas of specialty provide the necessary background and training to prepare graduates for entry-level positions with local municipalities and agencies throughout the nation. The program also provides a firm base for graduate study in a variety of areas such as regional planning, public administration, rural sociology, economic development, and law.

A minor in community and environmental planning provides opportunities for students in other areas to better understand the application of their knowledge to specific community issues. The minor complements majors in both technical fields and liberal arts.

Local municipalities in New England are turning to full-time professional administrators to assume responsibility for the day-to-day administration, management, and planning activities that were previously carried out by part-time town officials. Officials at the New Hampshire Municipal Association estimated that New Hampshire needs, each year, at least twenty-five new graduates in community and public administration to fill local government professional needs. In addition to professional administration or planning positions in local or regional government, employment opportunities are also available with public agencies and organizations at the state, national, and international levels.

Students interested in the challenges of community and environmental planning should consult with Kelly L.Cullen, program coordinator, Department of Resource Economics and Development, 309 James Hall, (603) 862-4811.

Required Courses
CD 415, Community Development Perspectives or CSL 201, Intro to CSL
CD 508, Applied Community Development
CD 614, Fundamentals of Planning
CD 777, Topics in Community Planning
CD 794, Community Planning Internship,
or    CD 793, Community Administration Internship
EREC 411, Environmental and Resource Economics Perspectives
EREC 525, Statistical Methods and Applications
EREC 606, Land Economic Perspectives: Uses, Policies, and Taxes
EREC 627, Community Economics
TOUR 700, Marketing Communications Research: Methodological Foundations
TOUR 705, Ecotourism: Managing for the Environment
or    TOUR 767, Social Impact Assessment
MATH 420, Finite Mathematics
CSL 204, Managing Change and Conflict in Communities
CD 672 New Hampshire Real Estate
POLT 502, State and Local Government
or    POLT 551, Global Urban Politics

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