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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2008-2009

College of Liberal Arts


Geography (GEOG)


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Professor: Alasdair D. Drysdale
Assistant Professor: Blake Gumprecht, Joel Hartter
Lecturer: Beth L. Hall

Geography is best defined as the discipline that describes and analyzes the variable character, from place to place, of the Earth as the home of human society. As such, geography is an integrating discipline, studying many aspects of the physical and cultural environment that are significant to understanding the character of areas or the spatial organization of the world.

Geography aims to provide students with a basis for understanding the world in which we live.

Because its integrating character establishes common areas of interest with many other fields of knowledge, geography provides an excellent core discipline for a liberal education. Those who would understand geography must also know something of the Earth sciences, as well as economics, cultures, politics, and processes of historical development.

Students who have a strong interest in the spatial organization of the world and the distinctive character of its major regions and who also want a broad educational experience can achieve these goals effectively by majoring in geography.

Students with degrees in geography have found their education valuable in such fields as urban and regional planning, locational analysis for industry and marketing organizations, cartography, geographical information systems (GIS), library work, military intelligence, international studies, the Foreign Service, travel and tourism, and journalism.

Students planning careers as scholars or teachers in the field should concentrate their coursework in geography and appropriate related disciplines and should plan to go on to graduate study after completing an undergraduate major in geography. Students from this department have been admitted to first-rate graduate schools in all parts of the United States.

Students who major in geography are required to take eleven courses with a minimum grade of C-.

Requirements for the major
To major in geography, the following course requirements must be fulfilled with a grade of C- or above.

All of the following core courses
GEOG 401, Regional Geography of the Western World
GEOG 402, Regional Geography of the Non-Western World
GEOG 572, Physical Geography
GEOG 581, Human Geography
GEOG 658, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 797, Senior Seminar
Any five additional geography courses.

Students who receive more than two grades below C- will be excluded from the program. No course may fulfill both a geography requirement and a general education or Discovery requirement.

The foreign language requirement may be met in any of the following: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Latin, or Greek. Other languages may be considered by petition.

Students interested in majoring or minoring in geography should consult with the supervisor, Alasdair Drysdale.

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