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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2008-2009

College of Liberal Arts


Humanities Minor

The Humanities minor studies the fundamental questions and issues of human civilization. (For a more complete description of the Humanities program, see Humanities.) The minor consists of a minimum of 20 credits of academic work (five courses), with a minimum grade of C from the following courses:

Two courses from the 510/511/512/513/514/515 sequence:
HUMA 510, The Ancient World: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
HUMA 511, The Medieval World: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
HUMA 512, Renaissance and Early Modern: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
HUMA 513, The Modern World: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
HUMA 514, The Twentieth Century, Part I: 1900-1945
HUMA 515, The Twentieth Century, Part II: 1945-1999

Two other Humanities Program courses, one of which should be at the 600-level:
HUMA 401, Introduction to the Humanities
HUMA 444, Idea of University
HUMA 500, Critical Methods in the Humanities
HUMA 592, The Blues
HUMA 607, The American Character: Religion in American Life and Thought
HUMA 608, Arts and American Society: Women Writers and Artists, 1850-Present
HUMA 609, Ethnicity in America: The Black Experience in the Twentieth Century
HUMA 610, Regional Studies in America: New England Culture in Changing Times
HUMA 650, Humanities and the Law: The Problem of Justice in Western Civilization
HUMA 651, Humanities and Science: The Nature of Scientific Creativity
HUMA 730, Special Studies in the Humanities