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Undergraduate Course Catalog 2008-2009

« University Writing Requirement

As the cornerstone of any higher education, academic and disciplinary literacy is the concern of the entire faculty and the whole University curriculum. Understanding that literacy is a long-term development process, the University community is committed to the following goals for student writing and learning:

Writing Intensive Courses

All bachelor's degree candidates are required to complete four "writing intensive" courses, which must include English 401 (Freshman Composition) and three additional "writing intensive" courses, one of which must be in the student's major, and one of which must be at the 600-level or above. Specific courses that fulfill the writing requirement are listed at Some courses have both writing intensive and non-writing intensive versions, such as HIST 405 and HIST 405W. In those cases, only the sections attached to the "W" courses will be writing intensive.

Please note that some cross-listed courses are also writing intensive. For the most current information on cross-listed courses, visit the Web site listed above.