Whatever Happened to 60 Million Native Americans?

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Thursday P.M. ~ 1:30 - 3:00

Coordinator:  Carol Selsberg

Contact:  bcsels@gmail.com or (207) 439-7957

Location:  Durham Community Church


An eye-opening look at the history and current lives of our dwindling Native American culture.

February 20 – Who Were They and Where Did They Go? UNH Anthropologist Prof. Meghan Howey, famed course Director of "The Lost Campus: The Archaeology of UNH," offers historical perspective on the first Americans.

February 27 – Abenaki & Penacook History & Presence. Tribal Chief (Sag8mo) Paul Pouliot reveals the current state of his culture in the region. Serving as Native American Indian Advisor to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, he was a member of the NH Commission of Native American Affairs.

March 6 – Racism and the Native American. Ernest Proper, pride of both Lakota and Miq’Mac, spokesman for his people and local Green Alliance activist.

March 13Rescheduled to March 26