Leader:  Bob Ely      

Contact: (603) 868-5582 or Email:

Ever watch a play and think “I can do that?”  We choose plays and explore all the aspects of stagecraft.  Channel your inner producer, director, actor, set or costume designer/decorator (or at least learn what they do!).  Remember it takes all these skills to mount a production worthy of “curtain up.”  Whatever your interest or skill set, stage craft offers the opportunity to participate in the creative process.  No pressure, just lots of fun

 We sometimes read plays out-loud to others.  Most of us have never done this before and have "aged out" of memorizing, but totally enjoy having a good time.

We also attend plays and gather afterwards to discuss them.

Our regular meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month from 10am-12pm.  We are meeting in the homes of the POD participants.



Originally called Play Reading began in 2014.