Science Thursday

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Coordinators:  Ken Guentner & Mary Ann Taylor
(603) 740-1385

October 29 Further Headlines in Astronomy.  John Gianforte (“The Sky Guy”), Astronomer and Director of the UNH Observatory, will update us on current “Astronomy Headlines” and the research behind them.

 November 5 A Lengthening Vernal Window:  How the Changing “Zero Curtain” Season Impacts Forest Ecosystems.  Dr. Alix Contosa, Research Assistant Professor in the Earth Systems Research Center at UNH, will discuss the impact on the ecosystem of changes in the timing and duration of the Vernal Window (the period marking the end of winter and the start of the growing season).

November 12 Our Undoing May Also Be Our Becoming:  50 Years of Earth Day and Nature’s Ecological Reply.  John Carroll*,  Professor Emeritus of Environmental Conservation in the UNH Dept. of Natural Resources, will share his insights on Earth Day and the natural world.

November 19 Weathering the Storm?  A New Normal for New England Weather.  Dr. Mary Stampone, Chair and Class of 1941 Associate Professor in the UNH Geography Dept. and NH State Climatologist, will address the question of climate change and if/how it will impact New England, including examination of severe weather events and prospective impacts on our communities and livelihoods.