Potpourri: Art, Service, Mystery, and Meditation

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September 23 The Joy and Beauty of Art.  Why do we do Art and who cares?  The people who love Truth and Beauty!  Look forward to discussion and visual delights from a panel of artists including Judith Custer*, Polly McDonough*, Pat De Grandpre*, and Martha LaFleur. 

Coordinator: Judith Custer (603) 743-3348

September 30 – The Pleasures of Volunteering.  ARA members are admirably and uniquely multi-tasking.  They give back to their communities in surprising ways.  Enjoy our special panel (Ellie Berner*, Kathy Kowler*, Ed Perkins,* and Carol Selsberg*), be part of the discussion, and learn why Dr. Seuss said. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.”

Coordinator:  Kathy Kowler (207) 439-6275.

October 7 –  Channeling the Spirits Who Surround Us, for Guidance and Growth.  Join us for an afternoon in which Medium Melissa Boyd will connect you to your heart, starting with a brief meditation and then bringing messages from your loved ones in spirit.  Melissa will discuss tips and tools to center your energy and quiet your mind.  

Coordinator:  Mary Ellen Siudut (508) 308-7103

October 14 – The NOW Sound:  Experiencing One Breath at a Time.  Michael Shingleton will share an ancient breathing technique he learned from a Hindi meditation master.  By listening, feeling the energy of the breath, you enter the “Now,” slowing your mind while experiencing the fearlessness and joy of silence. 

Coordinator:  Mary Ellen Siudut (508) 308-7103.


*Asterisk indicates an ARA member.