Photography and Art Guide


Written permission must be obtained (per Promotional Image Use Guidelines) from subjects, photographers and other creators/owners when using Images to promote the ARA and its actvites. This includes but is not limited to the ARA website, informatonal brochures, posters, newspaper advertisements, published artcles, press releases about the ARA and ARA-sponsored events, and publications such as ARA histories. Promotional images and releases are to be archived by the Public Relatons Director.

Guide for Photographers

For publicity and website photographs

Use the release forms (see links below) when taking photographs for ARA promotional purposes.

- When taking group shots, ask those who did not give consent (and will be recognizable) to please step out of the frame. For groups, it is easier to use the Group Releases form. For individuals, such as a presenter, use the Individual Release form. Also sign the Photographer/Art release.

- If possible, scan the signed forms and email them to Cathy Schirmer at with the photographs. If you do not scan, mail the forms.

- Besides using photographs on PR materials, I will forward photographs to our webmaster. If you do send photos and releases directly to the webmaster, please copy me.

Release Form Links

Group Releases

Individual Release

Photographer/Art Release

Promotional Image Use Guidelines