Lobby or Advocate, Curse or Voice?

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Wednesday P.M. ~ 1:30 - 3:00

Coordinator: Carol Selsberg

Contact:  (207) 439-7957 or bcsels@gmail.com

Location:  Durham Community Church

March 26 – The history, presence, future of the lobby. Nationally known for public opinion polling Director of NH Survey Center and Political Science Professor Andrew Smith.

April 2 – A lobbyist speaks. Presenter: James Demers, prominent NH Lobbyist and founder of The Demers Group with 35 years of legislative, political and regulatory experience.

April 9 – Advocacy for people with disabilities. Beth Dixon, from the NH Institute on Disability, will join us.

April 16 – Lobbies and Legislators. Former four-term NH Representative and three-term State Senator, Katie Wheeler* along with retired college President and two-term NH Legislator Dr. Wayne Burton will share experiences and opinions.