Jazz Listening-deferred

Leader: Steve Fink

Contact:  603-418-7957 or Email:  stevelfink@aol.com

Hello, Everyone –

The ARA Board’s email today, detailing cancellations in light of the coronavirus epidemic, recommended that PODs may continue at the discretion of each POD Coordinator. Steve sent me this message today, to pass on to you:


Even though we are allowed to have the pods, my preference is to cancel ours for this month and maybe for the rest of the semester …. I will miss our sessions, but it's only temporary.


This group is for you if you enjoy listening to jazz.  Each attendee is expected to bring a couple of selections on a CD or some other device. We share our selections and often discover new artists.

When:  We currently meet in Durham on the last Friday of the month from 1:30 to 3:30.

Where:  Contact PoD Leader for location.