Genealogy - Cancelled-Zoom

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Leader: Dave Collins

Contact:  Dave:  (603) 948-2325  Email:

The Genealogy POD is for ARA members who want to build a family tree or expand an existing one.  We build our family trees, sharing our knowledge of genealogy and interesting lives of our ancestors.


The Genealogy POD virtual meetings for June and July are cancelled.  We will decide about August as the time gets closer. 

Several members including myself have schedule conflicts and/or other must-do things and the summer is passing fast.  

George Whitehead has offered to try to help with Genealogy questions if you want to contact him.    

Hope none of you are inconvenienced by the cancellations.   

Stay well and enjoy the summer,

Dave Collins 



“The meetings will continue being held remotely, via ZOOM. If you’re interested, contact Dave for additional information.” 



When:  4th Tuesday of the month, 10 – 11:30 a.m.