Exploring Photography

Leader:  Sandy Rose

Contact:  prefer Email:  sandyrosenh@gmail.com or text 603.969.4106

Join this small group to explore and study creative and technical aspects of digital photography.  The group operates on a member driven model.  Each month, the group will decide on a theme, and and submit photos according to each theme to a shared google photos album.  Photos  will then be critiqued via members during zoom meetings.

When:  Third Tuesday of the Month (critique session), with monthly field trip to be announced. 

Time: 1:00 - 2:30 PM

Location: Field trip location and dates/times will vary dependent on theme, weather and member input.  Interested members will arrive with their cameras and whatever equipment required (e.g., tripods) for their photography.  Field trip destinations and schedule will be  communicated to members via our email distribution list.   Members who are unable to come or choose otherwise may shoot photos in other locations or venues, along the theme. Shortly after the field trip, a shared, themed, google photo album will be distributed to each member, so that members may upload their photos for group viewing.  Please contact the POD leader, Sandy,  or feel free to inquire on the email distribution list for any technical questions using google photos. 

The third Tuesday meeting will take place via zoom (at least for the near future), for a critique of photographs. Zoom invites will be sent via email shortly before each meeting.

Social distancing will be required for field trips and any in-person gatherings.  We follow the current ARA COVID policy (see https://www.unh.edu/ara/ara-programs-will-continue-virtually ).  Attendance is an individual decision.  Please join our in-person meetings only if you determine it is safe for you, weighing the risks and benefits based on your health.  All members are responsible for their own safety.  Although masks are not required for outdoors when we are socially distancing, please bring masks when indoors, even if socially distanced. 

Information: Please email Sandy Rose for questions and to request membership. ARA membership is required. Once you are approved, you will be added to our email distribution list, where you will be informed about our current theme, and receive the current google album for submission of your photos or to view other members’ submissions.  

Contact: Sandy Rose, sandyrosenh@gmail or text 603.969.4106