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Coordinators:  Bernadette Donnelly (603) 229-8480

 Kathy Kowler (207) 439-6275

October 28 Communications from the Beginning to the End.  Bernadette Donnelly* and Kathy Kowler* will introduce this program series with an overview of personal communication.  If needed, they will spend a few minutes to help people to navigate around Zoom technology, then go on to use science, humor, and analogies to show how we communicate as individuals.  We will talk about how knowing ourselves will help us relate better to other people, especially people who have different styles than our own.  As we improve our communication skills and our relationships, we can become more truly connected.

 November 4 – Podcasts and What Came Before.  Trevor Dale, a podcaster and motivational speaker, will discuss the history of verbal communications leading up to one of the newest verbal mediums, podcasting.  He will describe the value of podcasting and why it is now so popular and will also provide tips to those of us who are not yet podcast experts as to how to start and find podcasts of interest to enjoy.

 November 11 – The Role of a Journalist and Impact of Social Media on Individuals and Society.  Tom Haines, Associate Professor of English in the UNH College of Liberal Arts Journalism Program, will share with us how the role of the journalist has changed over the years; what impact, if any, this has had on our society; how disinformation and misinformation in the digital realm has proliferated recently; and how journalists are responding.  He will also discuss different forms of media (e.g., radio, television, social media [Facebook, You Tube, Instagram]), and what impact they have had on us individually and as a society, with a particular emphasis on social media.

 November 18 – How does Ethics Mesh with Social Media?  Dr. Kevin Healey,  UNH Associate Professor of Communication, will be looking at digital media to see how it fits in, or not, with basic human precepts, as, for instance, judment, wisdom and integrity.  He will also talk about civil mindfulness (on an individual and corporate level) in relation to digital media and how certain characteristics of digitalized information, such as speed of service, impact us.


*Asterisk indicates an ARA member