ARA Book Club

Leader:  Meg Gillis

Contact: (603) 343-2086 or Email:

Special Note:

ARA Book Discussion Grroup—We will not. meet in March!


I will be in touch in April,  I will notify the Dover Public Library and set us up in April. I’ll get back to you prior to our meeting. I am hoping we don’t need to postpone again!


Genealogy PoD

Leader:  Dave Collins

Contact:  (603) 948-2325 or Email:

The Genealogy POD is for ARA members who want to build a family tree or expand an existing one.  We build our family trees, sharing our knowledge of genealogy and interesting lives of our ancestors.

When:  2nd Tuesday of the month, 10 – 11:30 a.m.

Where:  Dover Public Library (unless notified otherwise)

Dinner at Lunch POD


Meet on Tuesday, May 22 at Noon.  Everyone will bring a dish to share, along with 15 copies of the recipe.  We'll enjoy great food and good company with the added bonus of getting some new recipes to try!