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October 29 – A Local Independent Book Publisher and Bookseller Speaks.  Tom Holbrook is the Manager of RiverRun Bookstore and the head of Piscataqua Press.  He began his bookselling career twenty-five years ago at Borders Bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has rolled with the changing tides of the book industry ever since.  

Coordinator:  David Drucker (315) 404-5438

November 5 – “Old Guy” Returns!  UNH Professor of English Emeritus Tom Carnicelli has visited us twice before to share wit and wisdom from his poetry, which is focused on the joys and challenges of growing older.  This time he’ll highlight how to get rid of the “stuff” we accumulate over the years, among other topics.  Coordinator:  Carol Selsberg (207) 439-7957

November 12 – Fly Girls.  New York Times best-selling author Keith O’Brien will discuss his book and tell the story of the female pilots in the 1920s and 30s who faced discrimination, fought for the right to fly and race planes, and ultimately beat the men in the most celebrated air race of them all in 1936.  Fly Girls brings this world back to life.  Coordinator:  Mary Ellen Siudut (508) 308-7103

November 19 Felling a Tree.  ARA author Dave Collins* will share his book of poems and short essays, and how he came to write them.  Dave started his working career at age 16, as a lumberjack.  This book, which also includes poems by his late older brother, James “Perry” Collins, reflects his life experiences in an ever-changing world.  

Coordinator:  David Drucker (315) 404-5438

*Asterisk indicates an ARA member