Biking with the Pedal Pushers


Pedal Pushers Pod
Leader:  Sandy Rose
Contact: Email (preferred) sandyrosenh@gmail or text (603.969.4106)
Group rides are currently suspended until late summer, due to COVID-19.  Interested members are welcome to contact me and be included in our group email list.   While we are waiting for resumption of our in person rides,  members are encouraged to ride safely on their own, and post their photos and experiences to the group email.   
Once it is safe, we will resume our group rides, as below: 

With input from the group, we will plan both rail trails and road bike trips for up to 8 – 15 miles per trip. We’ll communicate by email for notification of upcoming rides, cancellations and member communications/feedback. Rides will be scheduled on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, weather permitting.  Rides will begin in the spring when the snow clears from the trails and roads, and the weather warms, usually by early April.  We ride until late fall, usually until the end of October.   Days of the week and  and destinations will vary, based on the rides and member input.

Members will be notified about rides at the start of the week or earlier, and  if weather is questionable, updates will be made by email usually be the day before the scheduled ride. 



Established in 2013