Graduate Certificate in Analytics

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May to August 2018 
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Applications Accepted on a Rolling Basis.
International applicants should allow 3-6 months prior to April 30 Deadline.
Program start date is in May 2019.


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“This is an invaluable experience for developing skills in analytics.” Dr. Steven Oliver, '17

The Graduate Certificate in Analytics (GCA) provides a “real-time, real world” introduction to today’s tools, methods and uses of data.

The Graduate Certificate in Analytics (GCA) provides a “real-time, real world” introduction to today’s tools, methods and uses of data. The program is completed alongside the MSA students, in person, during the summer semester. It is an excellent program for anyone exploring a career in data analytics or individuals working in data analytics positions with no formal academic background in analytics.

GCA program is an in-person 3 month, 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday program. It provides a basic level of quantitative training and has an interdisciplinary and applied nature of learning. Students get to work on real-time case studies through our strong link to the industry, are exposed to programming languages like Python, SQL, R, and SAS, and big data frameworks like Hadoops and MapReduce. Industry partners visit the classroom on a regular basis, providing students with connections and a perspective of how analytics is used in real-time business today.

The required courses are Statistics Primer, Foundations of Data Analytics, Analytical Tools and Foundations, and Intro to Analytics Applications.

The program is an intense introduction to the field of analytics where students are using provided data to sample tools and techniques, get exposure to the field and engage in some high level hands on manipulation and presentation.


  • On-campus, full-time program
  • Only 3 months to completion
  • Unique two-track focus: master analytics, and focus on professional conduct and development
  • Work on real-time case studies through our strong link to the industry
  • Exposure to programming languages like Python, SQL, R, and SAS
  • Utilize  big data frameworks like Hadoops and MapReduce

Spend your summer in a mix of didactic and applied learning through case studies and other activities.
Upon completion of the certificate, you will be prepared to sit for the
SAS Base Programming Certification exam. 

Application Requirements

Download the brochure here.  View detailed course descriptions here.

photo of a classroom with a quote next to it "The Analytics Program was the most fufilling academic experience I have ever had and was directly applicable to the job market. continues on -Pat 2015 Grad


DATA 800 — Statistics Overview
Course Contents:

  • Examining distributions, descriptive statistics including measures of central tendency and variations, and advanced visualizations of data.
  • Examining relationships, correlations, measures of associations amongst categorical data, non-parametric tests.
  • Survey and surveillance methods.
  • Probability and Sampling distributions (Poisson, Binomial and Normal).
  • Introduction to statistical inference, central limit theorem, distribution of means and proportions.
  • Inference on one and two population parameters including means and proportions.
  • Experimental designs and analysis of variance.
  • Simple linear regression and multiple regression.

DATA 801 — Foundations of Data Analytics
Course Contents:

  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Multiple Linear Regression and diagnostics
  • Multiple Linear Regression and diagnostics
  • Intro to design of experiments (ANOVA)
  • Intro to Time Series
  • Analysis of contingency tables and non-parametric techniques
  • Data sleuths/abuse of statistical tools and techniques
  • Statistics Assessments
  • Written and computer application

DATA 802 — Analytical Tools and Foundations

Course Contents:
  • Programming and Data
  • Intro to Data cleaning and restructuring
  • SAS Programming
  • SPSS
  • SQL Programming
  • R Programming
  • JMP
  • Advanced Excel
  • Visualization (Excel, Tableau, SAS VA, GIS, Piktochart)

DATA 803 — Introduction to Analytics Applications

Course Contents:
  • Data Mining
  • Text Mining
  • Multivariate and Logistic regression
  • Multivariate Techniques
  • Customer analytics and Segmentation
  • Multivariate Techniques
  • Web Analytics
  • Simulation

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