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Adrienne Martinez





Adrienne Martinez is a UNH Alumni two times over. In 2009, she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Management and Policy.  She then graduated in the inaugural UNH Masters of Analytics class of 2016. Adrienne came to the Analytics program after gaining experience and expertise as an Account Executive for Five Star Surgical, Inc. There she successfully developed and strengthened accounts while educating her clients on the cost benefits of optimizing performance and increasing the useful life of surgical instruments through preventative maintenance. Adrienne fostered direct sales activity towards surgeons, clinical RN leaders, OR directors, CPD managers and buyers. From this experience, Adrienne brought with her a well-rounded business acumen, insights into the healthcare sector, and a strong work ethic that she shared with her peers throughout her completion of the yearlong Masters of Science in Analytics degree.

In the program, Adrienne again pursued a specialization in Healthcare Delivery. Due to her educational background and experience it became clear very early to all her peers that Adrienne was an excellent team member who had a bright future in the Healthcare and data spheres. With her innate ability to become fast friends with anyone, she was able to aid in developing a well-rounded, comfortable team and classroom environment. Her experience and attitude, the cluster courses she completed, and the core Analytics courses all aided her in a successful completion of her final project which focused on the current Opiate epidemic in New Hampshire.

Upon graduation, Adrienne joined Yankee Alliance, a national group purchasing organization as an Inside Account Manager. There she focuses on reducing supply and operating expenses for non-acute healthcare facilities. When Adrienne was asked about what the most beneficial thing she gained from the program she said, “Data manipulation - being able to manipulate tons of contractual and high volume data is key to uncovering savings opportunities for facilities”. Adrienne wishes the current class the best of luck as they begin their fall semester and hopes to see students, faculty/staff and Alumni at Homecoming this year!

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