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Analytics is one of the fastest growing fields in the world.  

Companies and governments from all sectors have reported steep gaps in the need for analytic talent. In response, UNH has developed a program that immerses students in the skills necessary to be an effective analytics professional. 

The Graduate Programs in Analytics & Data Science at the University of New Hampshire provide a wide range of training programs and industry partnership opportunities.  We are an interdisciplinary set of programs, bringing together expert faculty from across campus to explore the rapidly evolving field of analytics and data science through education, research, and exploration.

Stay tuned for additional programs being developed to meet industry demands. Our latest news on programming can be found on our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages. 

Program Options

Master of Science in Analytics

The Analytics program is an interdisciplinary graduate program that commences in May and offers students in-depth training in quantitative analysis, applications and reasoning, critical thinking and analytics. It is a cohort design, full-time program intended to engage students in real-world projects with external partnerships that provide them with unique opportunities to apply their skills, solve real-world analytics problems, and develop connections for employment

Graduate Certificate in Analytics

The UNH Graduate Certificate in Analytics Program provides a “real-time, real world” introduction to today’s tools, methods and uses of data. The program is completed alongside the M.S. Analytics students during the summer semester. It is an excellent program for anyone exploring a career in data analytics or individuals working in data analytics positions with no formal academic background in analytics.

Graduate Certificate Introduction to Data Science

The UNH Graduate Certificate Introduction to Data Science exposes students to current, cutting edge data programming, statistical modeling and visualization tools through guided, online instruction and applied case studies. Learn the skills to analyze and leverage big data and earn analytical team promotions and the opportunity to work on analytics projects across the organization. This certificate program offers a flexible, short-turnaround time to completion allowing busy employees to participate. 

Master in Public Policy & Analytics

The dual degree program in policy and analytics that provides students with the skills needed to analyze critical societal issues, develop policy solutions, and translate analysis into action. The two degrees, one a Master in Public Policy (MPP) and the other a Master of Science in Analytics, offer students highly marketable credentials in just two years of study.  The integrated program combines the MPP offered by the Carsey School of Public Policy with the MS Analytics offered by the UNH Graduate Programs in Analytics & Data Science. Students can start the program with a focus on either the MPP or the MS Analytics but study content from each program during each year. There is a capstone experience during the second year for both paths that demonstrates command of skills from each program.

"I am so happy with my decision...

to enter the Master in Analytics program. The challenging program and extremely knowledgeable instructors have given me the expertise and confidence to launch a big data career.  Initially, I was simply looking to update my data toolbox with SQL and SAS to supplement my primary research career and increase job opportunities. I not only achieved this goal but also learned about other data mining tools like Python, Hadoop, Tableau , as well as proper applications of these tools for data cleaning, data management, predictive modeling, web scraping, and visualization. I can't thank UNH enough for preparing me so completely as I enter this exciting field of analytics."    

 – Carol, Class of 2016


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