Programs in Analytics and Data Science Programs

Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Analytics

The Masters in Analytics is an intensive, full-time, in-person program that provides a specialized set of skills in just 1-year.  IBM Predicts Demand For Data Scientists Will Soar 28% By 2020. The U.S will face a shortage of tens of thousands of people with the technical skills necessary to work effectively with big data. The MS in Analytics prepare you to fill this gap.

Graduate Certificate in Analytics

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This in-person, 3 month Graduate Certificate in Analytics provides a "real-time, real world" introduction to today's tools, methods, and uses of data analytics. Spend the summer in a mix of didactic and applied learning through case studies and other activities.

Online GC in Data Science

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The online Graduate Certificate in Data Science provides a basic level quantitative training with exposure to cutting edge tools and methods used in today's ever changing data science environment.  This program is completed online in as little as 16 weeks.

MS in Public Policy & Analytics

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UNH offers a dual degree program in policy and analytics that provides students with the skills needed to analyze critical societal issues, develop policy solutions, and translate analysis into action. The two degrees, one a Master in Public Policy (MPP) and the other a Master of Science in Analytics, offer students highly marketable skills in just two years of study.
Undergraduate Programs

BS in Analytics & Data Science (Manchester)

UNH Manchester offers on-campus, hands-on learning and real-world experience in analytics. Students get cutting-edge technical skills and a competitive advantage in this rapidly growing field.

BS Analytics & Data Science : Data Science

This option in the analytics and data science degree program will give you the skills to pursue original research or an advanced degree in data science. You’ll gain a deep understanding of concepts from mathematics and computer science such as probability theory, statistical analysis, predictive modeling, algorithms, machine learning, and data science.

BS Analytics & Data Science : Analytics

This option in the analytics and data science degree program gives you a solid foundation in the tools you’ll need for careers in the data science industry. In addition to courses in mathematics, computer science and analytics, you’ll study business organizations and behavior, and professional technical writing.

Put Your Degree to Work

Our students graduate with cutting-edge technical skills and the strong collaborative and communications know-how essential for data analytics careers.  Possible industries include aerospace, financial, legal, manufacturing, marketing, healthcare, and sports.

The Graduate Programs in Analytics and Data Science at the Univesity of New Hampshire provide a wide range of training programs and industry partnership opportunities.  We are an interdisciplinary set of programs, bringing together expert faculty from across campus to explore the rapidly evolving field of analytics and data science through education, research, and exploration.


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