Become an Analytics and Data Science Expert

Analytics — data collection, analysis and application — is expanding from the business/financial realm into nearly every other industry. These days, ‘big data’ is a big deal, and it is everywhere — from professional sports teams (think Moneyball and draft picks) to healthcare (genetic coding and disease prevention). Wondering how Gmail or Facebook know which ads to show you? That’s analytics. How your city’s traffic lights are timed, how the government prevents cyber attacks or how Amazon comes up with suggestions for books you might like? It’s all analytics.

As the use of analytics grows every day, so does the demand for people who know how to skillfully extract value from massive amounts of data. The University of New Hampshire Master of Science in Analytics degree prepares its graduates to fill the current gap in the marketplace.

Analytics experts are needed and in just 11 months, you can become one of them.

What you’ll get:

When you enroll in the UNH Master of Science in Analytics program, you’ll be working with professors who have real-world experience and expertise that they’ll bring to the classroom every day. You’ll be working in a team-based environment in academic spaces designed to foster high-tech learning and collaboration. You’ll graduate with practical experience, as the M.S. in Analytics includes solution discovery to industry or government sponsored, real-world analytic problems. You will become immersed in the field of data science from data architecture to predictive and prescriptive modeling, visualization and strategic integration. You will work in high-level analytic teams on industry sponsored projects through our external partners. You’ll see firsthand how industry leaders from finance to health care are shaping their analytic capacities.

What we want:

This is a competitive, intensive master’s program for those who have a passion for data. We’re looking for problem-solvers who work hard, and are looking for a program that combines technical skills with professional development and experiential education.

map of New England states in blue with an orange box to the left stating The Northeastern US ranked highest in job engagement in analytics & Data Science

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Graduate Analytics & Data Science Program Information Session

Why we need Data Analysts

Dr. McGrath, Director of Graduate Programs in Analytics discusses what analytics is and why the demand for data analysts.

Podcast: How the UNH Analytics Program is Different

Analytics podcast with Dr. McGrath

Listen to a podcast with Dr. McGrath and Joel Shore on how the University of New Hampshire Graduate  Analytics program is different.

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(Recorded September 2015)




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