Leadership Labs

The list below a small sample of the exciting Leadership Laboratories that cadets may participate in, in any given semester. Every semester is slightly different, but this serves as a good example of what you can expect to see in a Leadership Lab from our detachment.

LLAB 1: Commander's Call

This LLAB concentrated on briefings that were critical to how the semester would go. Briefings included a welcome back to school and AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, a safety briefing, and the Cadet Wing Commander and Detachment Commander's briefings.

LLAB 2: Drill and Ceremonies

Cadets practiced both stationary and marching drill and ceremonies movements and procedures.

LLAB 3: Firearms Orientation

The Screaming Eagles spent their Saturday at local firing range for safety, orientation, and marksmanship training on a variety of firearms.

LLAB 4: Group Leadership Problem Lab

This was the first step in training the current FTP's (sophomores) for Field Training. Training included transitory drill, warrior knowledge, and Drill and Ceremonies.

LLAB 5: Career Night

During this lab, the cadets gained exposure from multiple members of the military about different jobs and what they consist of. A few in attendance included a Marine recruiter, Air National Guard member, retired pilot, Intel and Acquisitions officers, and Security Forces members.

LLAB 6: Transitory Challenge

In this lab, cadets broke into groups and marches to various locations around campus where they would complete a certain objective, all while racing the other cadets to complete the challenge first.

LLAB 7: Warrior Challenge

The wing took a fast-paced ruck march through College Woods toting rubber M-16s before assembling to tackle an intense workout - all in rememberance of our nation's Prisoners of War.

LLAB 8: Parents Weekend

Cadets' familes travelled from near and far to join us see what it means to be an Air Force cadet at UNH. After a briefing by Lt Col Lee, the IMTs and FTPs each presented their custom-made guidons and shields, and followed by presenting their innovative drill routine. The lab was concluded with a wing-wide drill competition.

LLAB 9: Group Leadership Project Lab

Problem-solving and leadership skills were put to the test as cadets went through various exercises in pursuit of rescuing a simulated downed pilot.

LLAB 10: Veterans Day Ceremony

For this lab, cadets assembled in the Granite State Rooms for UNH's annual Veteran's Day Ceremony. Cadets listened to UNH ROTC hall-of-fame inductees talk about their time in the military and gained a greater understanding of what it means to lead and serve in the profession of arms.

LLAB 11: Tactical Movement Lab

On a cold November morning, cadets assembled in the backwoods of UNH where GMC would take on the POC in a series of realistic paintball scenarios.

LLAB 12: Dining-In

Initiated with a friendly Nerf-gun battle, cadets enjoyed the food and the fellowship of this time-tested military tradition, as well as a motivational briefing by a UNH faculty and retired fighter pilot.

LLAB 13: Air Force Base Visit

LLAB 14: Commander's Call/Briefings/Flight Skits

This lab had briefings and the Commander's Call at the beginning, followed by a safety briefing, AAS briefing, and the new Cadet Wing Commander.