Title IX Administrative Offices, Resources, and Privileged Confidential Support Services

The UNH Community highly values personal responsibility, mutual respect for the safety of others, care for those whose personal rights and safety have been compromised, and swift discipline for those who act to harm another.

The University has a full range of programs and services to support an individual impacted by sexual violence—which includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, unwanted sexual contact, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, relationship abuse, dating violence, and stalking (including cyber-stalking).

Affirmative Action and Equity Office

The Affirmative Action and Equity Office is responsible for the oversight of the University’s compliance with federal and state laws related to the following:  affirmative action, Title IX, disability, race, national origin and color, and age, equal employment.  It is also responsible for campus initiatives aimed at creating a diverse, welcoming and equitable campus. 

In addition, the  Affirmative Action Director and Title IX Coordinator for UNH is responsible for overseeing the investigation of Title IX related complaints, including sexual violence (sexual harassment, sexual assault, unwanted sexual contact, relationship abuse, domestic violence and stalking (including cyber-stalking), and conducting or providing training for investigators and employees on their responsibilities under Title IX.

The Title IX Coordinator also considers requests for interim measures in Title IX cases, and works with impacted parties, faculty, staff and others on deciding whether interim protective measures should be granted in a sexual violence matter.

Donna Marie Sorrentino, M.P.A.
Director & Title IX Coordinator
105 Main St - Thompson Hall 305
Durham, NH 03824-3547
603.862.2930 (voice)
TTY Users 7-1-1

UNH Police Department

The University of New Hampshire Police Department provides public safety services including law enforcement, crime prevention and suppression, emergency response, investigation, and information to the University of New Hampshire community 24 hours a day, every day of the week.  UNHPD are typically the first responders to sexual violence incidents.  The police are a great resource for helping with seeking and enforcing restraining or stay away orders.

Chief Paul Dean
University Police Department
18 Waterworks Road
Durham, NH 03824-3547
603-862-1427 / or 911
TTY Users 7-1-1


Dean of Students

The Dean of Students has a couple different roles in UNH's response system to Title IX incidents.  The Dean of Students and the Title IX Coordinator make the original decision as to whether an independent investigator will be appointed to investigate an incident, and also make the ultimate decision of whether to refer a case to the Community Standards for conduct proceedings consistent with UNH's Code of Conduct.  In less serious matters, the Dean of Students also serves to meet with students to discuss UNH's expectations for student behavior.

John T. Kirkpatrick
Senior Vice Provost for Student Life and Dean of Students
105 Main St - Thompson Hall
Durham, NH 03824-3547
(603) 862-2053
TTY Users 7-1-1


Community Standards

Community Standards supports and enforces standards of behavior designed to foster an environment of civility and respect where both rights and responsibilities are deeply valued.  Community Standards respects each and every UNH student by protecting their rights and ensuring fairness through the enforcement of University policies and regulations.

In sexual violence matters, Community Standards can be involved in: the initial intake of an alleged incident; working with reporting students on the extent of their involvement in the investigation process; notifying the responding student of the charges against them initially; considering and possibly granting interim restrictive measures during the pendency of the investigation, preparing charges against the responding party if matter is referred to conduct, and conducting a hearing.  Community Standards is also responsible for the implementation of sanctions.

Matthew Keegan, Director
5 Quad Way - Hitchcock Hall
Durham, New Hampshire 03824
Phone (603) 862-3377
Fax: (603) 862-4787
TTY Users 7-1-1


Privileged Confidential Support Services

If you want medical or counseling support or general advice about your options, but do not want to make an official report of a sexual violence incident, UNH offers the following services for students, faculty and staff.  Discussions with these offices will not trigger a police investigation, UNH investigation, or student conduct proceeding unless you request it.

SHARPP - Sexual Harassment & Rape Prevention Program (All Campuses)

SHARPP is a University of New Hampshire program overseen by Student Life, dedicated to providing free and privileged confidential services to persons impacted by sexual assault, relationship abuse, sexual harassment, childhood sexual abuse, and stalking, as well as their allies.  SHARPP also provides education, outreach, and trainings on these and other topics such as consent, active bystanders, and healthy relationships to the greater University community.


2 Pettee Brook Lane - Wolff House
Durham, NH 03824
Office: (603) 862-3494
TTY (confidential): (800) 735-2964
Fax: (603) 862-2996

24–7 Support (603) 862-7233
24–7 Toll Free Support (888) 271-7233


UNH Health & Wellness (Durham)

Health & Wellness is an integrated service that operates from a holistic perspective. In support of the University's academic mission, they provide medical care, wellness education, and health promotion.

4 Pettee Brook Lane
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 862-9355
TTY Users 7-1-1
Fax: (603) 862-4259


UNH Psychological and Counseling Services (Durham)

Psychological and Counseling Services provides emergency services 24 hours per day.  From 8am to 5pm students may call the Psychological and Counseling Services and ask to be scheduled for an emergency appointment or request to speak with the on-call clinician.  If the clinician is not available, they will typically return calls on the hour. Clinical staff responds immediately to "imminent danger" crises.

3 Garrison Ave - Smith Hall- 3rd Floor
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: (603) 862-2090
TTY Users: 7-1-1 or 800-735-2964 (Relay NH)


Additional Privileged Confidential Support Services

UNH Chaplains’ Association (All Campuses)

YWCA Crisis Center (Manchester Campus)
24/7Crisis Line 603-668-2299

The Crisis Center of Central NH (Law School)
1-866-841-6229 or https://cccnh.org/

Employee Assistance Program (All Campuses)
www.apshelplink.com (Use company code USNH)

Additional On-Campus Offices

Assoc. Dean (Manchester Campus)
Dan Reagan

Asst. Dean of Students (Law School)
Lauren Berger

UNHM Security Services (Manchester Campus)
(603) 641-4101

Community, Equity and Diversity
Monica Chui, Interim Associate Vice President for Community, Equity and Diversity
(603) 862-1058

Office of Multicultural Student Affairs - OMSA (All Campuses)

Residential Life (Durham Campus)

Off-Campus Resources

New Hampshire Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence

Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network

National Domestic Violence Hotline

US Department of Education Campus Safety Reports

White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault

Questions and Complaints

Questions and complaints arising under Title IX may also be addressed to:

The United States Department of Education

Office for Civil Rights
5 Post Office Square, 8th floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02109

The Department of Justice, Boston Office

John Joseph Moakley
United State Federal Courthouse
1 Courthouse Way, Suite 9200
Boston, Massachusetts 02210
Phone: (617) 748-3100 or TTY (617) 748-3696
Fax: (617) 748-3974

Questions related to sex discrimination in employment may be directed to:

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

John F. Kennedy Federal Building
475 Government Center
Boston, Massachusetts 02203
Fax: 1-617-565-3196
TTY: 1-800-669-6820