Wildcat Working Parents Network

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The Wildcat Working Parents Network is a way for parents to connect with one another, share information and resources, and to create collaborative solutions to challenges facing working families. It is open to all members of the UNH community. Join us by emailing Wildcat.Parents.Network@lists.unh.edu




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Spread the Word!

Be sure to spread the word of the Wildcat Working Parents Network to other parents that you know on campus. Feedback, suggestions and other ideas you have for face-to-face gatherings either on campus or off are welcome. Feel free to email Wildcat.Parents.Network@lists.unh.edu for further information. 


The Wildcat Working Parents Network began as an initiative supported by the UNH ADVANCE program’s Career Life Balance Committee. UNH ADVANCE is an NSF-funded program with the goal of increasing the number, retention, and success of women faculty, primarily, but not solely, in the STEM disciplines. As part of this work, the Career Life Balance Committee focuses on policies and practices that support career advancement and work/life balance for all members of the UNH community.