Grant Opportunities & Awards


UNH ADVANCE provides funds to support the following grant opportunities.

Visiting Women Scholars Program

For Faculty



The UNH ADVANCE visiting scholars program provides a way to build exposure and networking with senior women faculty in STEM and SBS disciplines from other institutions.

This program allows UNH departments, programs or faculty to apply to UNH ADVANCE for support to bring senior women faculty from other universities to UNH to build research collaborations in their department and/or with other departments. It is expected that one proposal will be funded each academic year.

Download the Visiting Women Scholars Program Application. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

REAL Leadership Development Grants

For Chairs & Program Directors


The goal of the Reaching Excellence in Academic Leadership (REAL) program at UNH is to provide professional development training to academic Chairs and Program Directors to increase awareness of, and capacity to build, positive climate on campus. 

The UNH Leadership Development Grant Program provides support for academic Chairs and Program Directors attendance at additional leadership development programs. We have provided a list of suggested academic leadership programs and encourage you to seek out additional leadership programs related to you professional field. Click here for application details.



Collaborative Scholarship Advancement Awards

For Research and Tenure Track Faculty Collaboration


UNH ADVANCE Collaborative Scholarship Advancement Awards (CSAA) aim to enhance collaboration between research and tenure track faculty at UNH. These awards offer pairs of research and tenure track faculty from the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines opportunities to integrate research and teaching activities that strengthen and broaden participants’ scholarly and teaching portfolios.

The CSAA was part of the UNH ADVANCE PAID grant and was awarded from 2010- 2013 with an additional award in 2019. For more information please see the CSAA request for Proposals



Other UNH Grant Opportunities

UNH Faculty Development Grants

For Faculty

The Office of the Provost supports professional development of faculty by providing funding for the acquisition of new skills.  The funds may serve to advance the career of a junior faculty member or provide the means for a senior faculty member to obtain or expand new competencies or pursue new directions.  Joint proposals from more than one faculty member will only be considered in special circumstances.  Requests for applications are sent out in campus mail to eligible faculty at the beginning of each semester.

Internal Funding Opportunities for UNH Researchers

For Faculty

This table, which was compiled by the UNH Office of Research, provides an extensive alphabetical list of the internal funding opportunities available at UNH for research and other scholarly activities.  Faculty interested in internal funding are encouraged to scan the entire list for opportunities that match their scholarly endeavors.