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Fall 2017

September 26

MUB Room 158

Finding Funding

Discover a range of strategies and tools that help make funding searches more productive and efficient!


October 24

MUB Room 158

Before You Write Your Next Proposal...

Learn about assessing readiness to submit a proposal and building a relationship with the program officer.

November 28

MUB Room 158

Writing to Win

Techniques and tips for crafting persuasive grant proposals and avoiding common writing pitfalls.




Spring 2018

February 13

MUB Room 158

Collaborating at UNH

Learn how to develop collaborations with other UNH scholars and discover an upcoming interactive collaboration too.


March 6

MUB Room 158

Resources for Managing Your Scholarly Output

Expert advice on how to digitally archive research data, build and manage a web presence, visualizing your research data to commuincate your research findings, and more!