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♦ Jan. 2017, Yunyao’s paper was selected as the back cover of Adv. Eng. Mater.!


(Copyright Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA.) Reproduced with permission

♦ Jan. 2017, Ben, Chao and Joe’s paper on seedcoat is accepted in JMBBM!

♦ Dec. 2016 Yunyao’s paper is highlighted in Advanced Science News!

♦ Nov. 2016 Congratulations to Yunyao on winning the ASME/IMECE travel/best paper award!

♦ Oct. 2016 Mona gave a nice presentation on Koch fractal interface at New England Mechanics workshop!

♦ Sep. 2016 Chao’s IJSS paper on hierarchical wrinkling is online now

♦ Sep. 2016 Welcome Kate to join the group!

♦ Aug. 2016 Congratulations on Yunyao on presenting at ICTAM, Montreal, Canada!

♦ Jul. 2016 Welcome new postdoc Ben to join the group!

♦ Jun. 2016 Congratulations to Prof. Li on the ICTAM travel award!

♦ May 2016 Congratulations to Yunyao on getting his Master degree!

♦ Apr. 2016 Congratulations to Shengguang on getting the SURF summer fellowship!

♦ Apr. 2016 Congratulations to Joe on getting the fellowship for full six years on pursuing Ph.D at Notre Dame!

♦ Mar. 2016 Prof. Li got the NSF/CAREER award!

♦ Dec. 2015 Prof. Li got the AFOSR funding!

♦ May 2015, Congratulations to Jasmine and Joe on getting NSF/REU funding!

♦ Apr. 2015 Congratulations to Emily, Stephan, and Carolyn won the Champion of the senior design projects at URC!

♦ Apr. 2015, Congratulations to Joe on getting the Prestigous Goldwater Scholarship!

♦ June 2014, Congratulations to Yunyao on getting the CEPS fellowship!

♦ Apr. 2014 Prof. Li got a NSF award on studying a Bio-inspired strategy for in-plane energy dissipation through suture interface!

♦ Jan. 2014 Prof. Li won the NSF Fellowship to attend the Advanced Manufacturing Workshop.

♦ Aug. 2013 Welcome Chao and Lei to join the group as Ph.D students!

♦ Jun. 2013 Prof. Li and Yunyao won the SFFP fellowship for a summer research at AFRL at Wright Patterson Base!