Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Faculty Network

The WAC Faculty Network is a community of practice whose members are invested in student writing.  The Writing Program facilitates meetings and provides other supports, but the heart of the WAC Faculty Network is the activity among members--colleagues connecting with colleagues to exchange ideas, provide advice, share resources, and discuss teaching and writing in their courses and disciplines.  Feel free to contact any of the members and join the conversation.




Jim Lewis James.Lewis@unh.edu HMP Assoc Prof
  Michelle Loos Michelle.Loos@unh.edu Nursing CL Asst Prof
COLA Kari Dudley Kari.Dudley@unh.edu PSYCH Lecturer
  Marieka Brouwer Burg Marieka.Brouwer-Burg@unh.edu ANTH Lecturer
  Nathan Webster Nathan.Webster@unh.edu ENGL Lecturer
  Sarah Hirsch Sarah.Hirsch@unh.edu SPANISH Sr Lecturer
  Stephanie Harzewski szg6@unh.edu ENGL Sr Lecturer
  Joan Glutting Joan.Glutting@unh.edu PSYCH CL Assoc Prof
  Bill Stine Bill.Stine@unh.edu PSYCH Assoc Prof
  Nena Stracuzzi Nena.Stracuzzi@unh.edu Sociology Lecturer
CEPS John Lacourse John.LaCourse@unh.edu E&C ENG Prof
  Collette Powers Collette.Powers@unh.edu Comp Sci Lecturer
UNH-M Barbara Jago Barbara.Jago@unh.edu Com Arts Assoc Prof
  Nick Mian Nicholas.Mian@unh.edu PSYCH Asst Prof
Paul Audrey Ashton-Savage Audrey.Ashton-Savage@unh.edu MKTG Sr Lecturer
  Dev Dutta dev.dutta@unh.edu MNGMT Assoc Prof
  Kevin McLaughlin Kevin.McLaughlin@unh.edu Acct  Finance Asst Prof
COLSA Vanessa Grunkemeyer Vanessa.Grunkemeyer@unh.edu BIO Lecturer
  Katherine Lockwood MaryKatherine.Lockwood@unh.edu MCSBS/NUTR CL  Assoc Prof
Dimond Bill Ross Bill.Ross@unh.edu Sp Collections Prof


Core WAC Faculty Members

The core membership consists of faculty who have participated in the WAC Faculty Retreat and who have gained a deeper understanding of writing across the curriculum, writing in the disciplines, WI Course Design, and are aware of the culture of writing at UNH.  Core members are available to share their knowledge with colleagues and departments, and continue to be engaged in the following ways:

  •             Access to a shared UNH Box account with resources and references
  •             Inclusion in an email list
  •             Receipt of special notices for workshops and other Writing Program events
  •             Receipt of news from the Writing Program about current research and other items of interest

Interested in Becoming a WAC Faculty Network Core Member?

Apply for the Writing Intensive Faculty Retreat   to receive recognition as a core WAC Faculty Network member,  who can share their knowledge about WAC approaches to teaching with writing with colleagues in your home department and across campus.

Writing Committee

Each college is represented on the UNH Writing Committee.  Feel free to to get in touch with your representative to discuss writing at UNH or to inquire about serving on the Writing Committee. Contact the Director of the Writing Program for current contact information.