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Connors Writing Center

CWC Policies

What is the policy on the number of appointments a student is allowed to make?

Undergraduate students can make two appointments per week and one appointment per day. Graduate students can make one appointment per week, up to a total of 8 appointments per semester. 

Please review our page for Graduate Students, including our overview of Graduate Student Services, if you are working on a longer project.

Do you have a policy on missed appointments?

If you miss two appointments without calling ahead to cancel or without cancelling through WCOnline, you will be locked out of our online scheduling system.  You will need to contact the Writing Center to request that your account be re-enabled to schedule appointments. 

Please be sure to cancel an appointment if you are unable to attend or no longer want the conference.  Another writer would love the opportunity to have a writing conference.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, if an appointment is available. We will take walk-in appointments if there is an opening on our schedule and a writing assistant is free to take the appointment.  The best way to make sure you will have an appointment is to schedule one in advance.

When you request a walk-in appointment, we will still have you sign up through our scheduling system to gather information for the conference; for this reason, we recommend that students simply make appointments in advance.

Can you help me get an “A” or improve my grade?

We don’t focus on grades at the Writing Center, since we are fellow students and peers and are not your instructor. Instructors grade differently, and we are not in a place to anticipate how your instructor will grade your work. We tend to focus on writers and not on particular assignments. We see a writing assignment as an opportunity to talk about writing, not as an end grade.

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