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Connors Writing Center


The Connors Writing Center is a free resource available to all UNH students.  We invite you to encourage your students to use the CWC, but ask that you do not make coming to the Center a requirement or provide extra credit for conferencing with us.  We find that students get more out of the experience when they’re self-motivated to use the CWC.

The Writing Center is not a remedial or editing service; we do not “fix” or “correct” papers for grammatical errors.  Our goal is to engage students in a collaborative learning process so that they improve as writers in areas of higher order concern, such as thesis development, structure, organization, argumentation, and clarity.  While students bring in specific writing assignments, we want them to think about their development as writers overall, not just about that single assignment.  We appreciate faculty support in upholding the Writing Center’s mission.  

Classroom visits

To help you encourage students to use the Writing Center, Writing Center staff members are available to visit your class and provide your students with an overview of our services.  In addition, Writing Center staff members can introduce classes to peer conferencing. For more details, see below.

To schedule one of these activities, email or call (603) 862-3272.

Connors Writing Center introduction

This presentation is a great way to make students aware of the services that are available to them at the Writing Center. CWC presenters will discuss who we are, what we do, where we are located, when we are open, and so on. We will also answer any questions pertaining to the Writing Center. 

Number of presenters: 1
Time needed: 15 min

Peer conferencing presentation

Many instructors use peer conferencing in the classroom to get students talking and actively taking part in each other’s education. It is a great resource and is the model upon which the Writing Center is built. However, peer conferencing is only as productive as the students involved can make it.

Our presentation is designed to maximize the benefit of peer workshopping in the classroom. Through a variety of techniques (role playing, modeling, discussion, etc.) students are shown what are effective and ineffective, helpful and unhelpful, and productive and unproductive methods of peer workshopping.

This presentation includes a brief introduction to the Writing Center.

Number of presenters: varies by class size
Time needed: 50-120 min

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