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(Not Quite) A Woman’s World UNH hosts Elect Her: Campus Women Win
"When New Hampshire Rep. Janet Wall bought a house, it was her husband’s name that appeared on the mortgage. When she applied for a credit card after becoming the breadwinner of her family, the company refused to put the card in her name." (Read More) 

"Miriam Nelson, a leading researcher and author on nutrition and physical activity, will become the deputy chief sustainability officer and director of the Sustainability Institute at UNH."..."Nelson is the author of 10 books, including the New York Times bestselling Strong Women Stay Young and eight others in the Strong Women series. Her research has been the foundation of the Strong Women Program"  (Read More)

The UNH Dept of Women's Studies has launched the "Who Needs Feminism" campaign (find out more)

Prevention Innovations has, in its relatively short life, established UNH faculty as national leaders in research and practices for ending violence against women. (read the article).   Jane Stapleton, co-director of UNH's Prevention Innovations: Research and Practices for Ending Violence Against Women, testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) June 2014. Her testimony was part of a full committee hearing looking at sexual assault on college campuses.   Learn more about Jane's testimony

UNH ADVANCE is an NSF funded institutional transformation project focused on strengthening policies and implementing practices to address gender imbalance, particularly in STEM disciplines (find out more)

NH women rank slightly higher than other New England states on some measures but, NH women fare less well on healthcare and safety measures relative to the other New England States. Read the Report "The Status of Women and Girls in New Hampshire", prepared by the Women's Fund of New Hampshire and the NH Women's Policy Institute

Thanks to the work of the Women's Commission, the University of New Hampshire has announced it is establishing a Flexible Work Arrangements Task Force to develop polices and guidelines to support flexible work arrangements, while meeting the operational needs and goals of all UNH departments. Flexible Work Arrangements - Find out More.

Understanding Worker Leave Policies an Overview (National Partnership for Women and Families)

Despite New Law, Gender Salary Persists (NPR article)

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